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2014 Energy Grants Ireland

We were delighted to hear the governments decision to retain funding for grant to home owners in relation to energy upgrades to their houses. The government went further by introducing tax incentives for home energy retrofitting.

The sum of fifty million has been set aside by government which means the Better Energy Homes will continue to take grant applications.

The New Home Renovation Incentive

This new tax incentive is aimed at homeowners who are getting jobs done such as upgrading your windows, SIGA airtightness Application, renewable heating and MVHR or demand-controlled ventilation the incentive would also cover electricity generation.


Some Comments On The Announcement

Brian Motherway SEAIDr Brian Motherway - Chief Executive Of The SEAI

The continuation of the Better Energy grants for another year is a great endorsement by government of the many benefits of energy retrofitting.

 Pat Rabbitte comments on the Grants in relation to home energy upgrades


Pat Rabbitte - Minister For Energy And Natural Resources

Home energy retrofit has been very successful to date and these incentives provide further impetus to householders to carry out works.


Are You Looking For More Information?

Irish Energy Assessors can offer tailered advise on how the Grants and Tax Incentives available in 2014 can be used in relation to Rettrofitting Your Home and the SIGA Air Tightness. Call Us Today.